Upgrades and Modernisations


When is it time to consider a modernisation or repair?

•   The performance of your lift is becoming unreliable.

•   Passengers and building users complain about lift waiting time.

•   Queues forming in lobby areas due to additional demand.

•   Your maintenance reports continually highlight areas that require attention.

•   Parts are no longer available.

•   Building is being refurbished.

•   The visual appearance is not inline with building aesthetics.

•   The building’s use has changed since the lift was first installed.


Modernization and Upgrade Options

EL- New Look

To revamp the building by renovating the lift car and adapting it to current standards (lighting, ventilation, car top resistance…)


EL – Enter

To enhance entrance to the lift, making it more comfortable, more attractive and more accessible for disabled persons.



EL – Space

To optimise space either by increasing car space or by eliminating the machine room, we can customise to suit your requirements.


EL- Speed

To increase lift speed resulting in more efficiency and reduced wait times, we are happy to discuss the various options upon request.


EL – Safety

To update lift to current safety levels in compliance with current regulations (Ref. standard EN 81-80)


EL – Emergency

To maintain communication between person trapped in the lift car and rescue team. Includes elements described in standard EN 81-28


EL- Access

To enable disabled persons to use lift in compliance with standard EN 81-70.


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